Studies and Business Cases

Is there a question about the viability of an operational change, about what is causing operational issues or about how much something costs the organisation? We support you in analysing data and answering the questions.

Examples are:

  • Calculating the cost and benefits of fuel savings initiatives

  • Performing risk analyses on flight safety related scenarios

  • Calculating the direct and indirect costs for a potential new contract

Our Methodology


Combining our academic backgrounds with a pragmatic sense of the “real-world” we not only produce statistics from the data, we tell you what this means in the field.

  1. Understand the dynamics of the business

  2. Explore and test the raw dataset

  3. Generate hypotheses

  4. Collect and sort relevant data

  5. Test hypotheses with the data

  6. Verify results in operation

  7. Draw meaningful insights

Understand the dynamics of the business

We start with understanding your business. There is no substitute for the real world, so we go into the field and get to know your operation, your employees, your customers to get a feel for the challenges. We investigate how the data gets

Explore and test the raw dataset

We have a look what our dataset contains and test it against common sense. Once we have some confidence in that it says what it is supposed to say, we slice and dice the data to see if we can derive some interesting questions.

Generate hypotheses

With the combined knowledge of the business and what the data contains, we sit together to develop hypotheses. This gives us a handle on what we want to investigate, and we need to answer our questions.

Collect and sort relevant data

The next step is to collect data that we still need to answer the questions. We combine and sort this data in our analytics software so have clean and relevant data.

Test hypotheses with the data

Now our subjectively generated hypotheses are put to the test. Only the data will tell if they hold up objectively.

Verify results in operation

This is the moment of truth for our results. The data may say one thing, but can we verify it in the real world? We talk to people who are closest to the business and see if what we see makes sense to them. Can we conclude something interesting or is it back to the drawing board?

Draw meaningful insights

This is the final step in the analysis to provide you with the insights you need. We condense the insights into visualisations and conclusions.

Take Action

With the new insights, it’s time to initiate change. With the right insights it should be clear what to do, but execution is everything. Look at our Project Management services to let us help you with changing your operation for the better.

Repeat – Monitor

In a reduced form, the process can start over to see if the actions have been effective.