Safety Management

Continuously improving safety is a dogma embedded into the aviation industry. Still, running an effective safety management system can be challenging in a fast pace operation where safety and operational aspects a continuously in tension with each other. However, if managed well, the safety management system will not only minimize risk of accidents. It will also improve efficiency by reducing the number of small disruptions occurring. We can help you manage your safety related data to enhance your insight in the operation and the effectivity of your SMS.

Safety data at the foundations of your SMS

Identifying potential threats that may lead to unwanted outcomes is the starting point of any effective SMS. Air operators have a range of data sources that help identify these potential threats: occurrence reporting (Air Safety Reports), Flight Data Monitoring, incident investigations, audit reports etc. The key is to bring these sources together to identify the potential threats and determine the follow up actions. We assist you in setting up the processes for how the data should be used to determine the largest risks in the operation so effective action can be taken.

Monitor the Effectiveness of your SMS

Monitoring if the safety meetings are held, if corrective and preventive actions are done and closed before their due date, safety report trends etc. are key to manage an SMS effectively. Current SMS software solutions not always possess the capabilities to provide this information in a clear manner. We set up analytics dashboards for you linked to the accountabilities in the organisation. This ensures better control over the corrective and preventive actions required to improve safety.

  • We analyse and manage your safety data

  • We create a monthly dashboard template for you to monitor Safety Performance Indicators

  • We help you set up risk management sessions and safety cases with Bow-Tie analysis, Hazards and Effects Management and Management of Change.