Process Optimisation

How many processes are still done by manual labour in your organization? Automation is not a new concept, but the available technology to automate processes has increased exponentially. With the availability of mobile devices and the cost of connectivity negligible, digitizing processes is becoming easier and cheaper. Not just wireless communication over the mobile network can be used, satellite tracking has become affordable as well and is not just reserved to large airlines any more. This connectivity can be used to your advantage to improve processes that are now requiring manual entry of data or are on paper entirely.

We help you optimize your processes by looking at what fits best for your case. And while we’re at it, we analyse the data produced to see if something can be further improved.

Case: automated billing from flightlogs

A good example is the billing process that may go by flight hour or cycle. This data often comes from paper flightlogs or techlogs. By using available data sources such as satellite tracking data or even ADS-B data with the billing process can be largely to fully automated. This means having your invoices paid earlier resulting in direct cost savings and revenue increase.