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Thierry van Bennekom started with BravoAnalytics in 2014 as a specialist in aviation data. Thierry is an aviation professional graduated with a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. After an internship at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in 2008, Thierry performed his master’s graduation project in researching Pilot Workload during RNAV approaches. During this research project Thierry first got acquainted with analysing flight data and its relation to aviation safety. The research results are published in the Aeronautical Journal July 2011 volume 115.

After his graduation in 2010, Thierry started his professional career as a junior consultant at M3 Consultancy during which time he was involved in various management consulting projects at aviation related companies in The Netherlands.

Missing exposure to air operation, Thierry joined ArkeFly (TUI Airlines NL) in 2011 starting as FDM analyst. During this time Thierry managed the FDM program and integrated it into the Safety Management System, worked on bringing the SMS to the next level and set up the fuel efficiency program.

In 2014 Thierry decided to create BravoAnalytics starting with clients in Oil and Gas and Mining providing services in setting up FDM programs. Since then he has provided services in Business Analytics, Flight Data Monitoring, Safety Management and Flight Operations for a great variety of aviation companies, ranging from large European airlines to small turboprop operations as well as rotary wing Oil and Gas, HEMS and VIP operations.

Thierry currently lives in The Hague, The Netherlands, plays field hockey and is a holder of Private Pilot Licence.


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