Business Areas


Airline operations are already highly efficient operations and with good reason. In this low-margin business, small gains in efficiency can mean the difference between profit and loss. We have worked with a variety of airlines collecting a vast amount of best practices in how to use the available data to further improve operation and processes.

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oil and gas

The Oil and Gas sector is one of the most demanding sectors for air transport. Client Oil and Gas companies set the bar high, especially in safety standards often requiring a lot more than the local regulators. Compliance with these requirements can make all the difference in the competition to win contracts. We have worked with multiple air operators with Oil and Gas clients to set up FDM programs, Operations management systems and Safety Management System components. These programs have enabled these operators to be compliant with Oil and Gas requirements and be awarded contracts and contract renewals.

HEMS / air medical

Air Medical operations are literally saving lives every day. However, it is also one of the more accident-prone areas of aviation. With years of experience in providing specialized FDM for HEMS, we provide expertise in improving safety of these highly variable types of operations.

Non-aviation related areas

Even though our expertise is centred around aviation, we take our experience from this high-performance business to other markets. We provide the same services in business analytics and telemetry monitoring to any type of operation, whether it’s in transport and mobility, manufacturing or other types of business. The operational specifics may be different but the organizational need for clear and objective information remains the same.

We support any type of business with our services ranging from setting up a data strategy to supporting business turnaround management teams