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Air operators have been rapidly digitizing processes in all areas for decades. Where it started with booking systems, now even the last strongholds of paper processes such as techlogs and manuals are mostly being replaced by digital systems such as electronic flight bags. These platforms have not only evolved to have more functionality, but also opened up the possibility of acquiring operational data in one place. This is coupled with the fact that new systems have been brought into the mix, such as FDM/FOQA, satellite tracking, Engine Monitoring and HUMS. This has created an exponential growth in the availability of data that can be used to provide useful management information and to further optimize processes. But how? This is what we help you with: turn all that data into useful information.






developing a Data strategy

Having a solid strategy how data and analytics are used in the organization is key in outsmarting the competition. Not using available data effectively means missing out on vital information and missing an opportunity in improving processes and cutting cost.

data for business turnarounds

When facing the task of giving a new direction to a business, it is key to have objective information on which to base the strategic and tactical decisions. During such turbulent times it can be difficult to find a ground truth in the multitude of opinions.


flight data monitoring Services

 FDM can be one of the most effective tools to enhance flight safety and find efficiency gains. It is the most objective and information dense source of operational data available. We provide FDM analysis as well as many service for program setup and improvement.