We provide a multitude of services with a top down approach, starting with defining a data strategy: why you need any system improvement. BravoAnalytics helps you turn your operational data into new insights required to make the right decisions to improve your safety, operational efficiency, logistics and strategy.

Aviation Expertise

BravoAnalytics specialises in consulting the aviation industry. Air Operators produce data from various sources: Operational data in the Ops Control systems, Flight plans, flight data from the aircraft QAR and ACARS, financial data, air safety reports etc. Converting all this data into useful information to make tactical or strategic decisions is a challenge with the continuing issues of the daily operation.


Data Strategy

Having a solid strategy how data and analytics are used in the organization is key in outsmarting the competition. There is no way around it, operational and financial data is being generated by the systems every second. Not using these data effectively means missing out on vital information and missing an opportunity in improving processes and cutting cost. On top of that, a lack of data security is an increasing risk for organisations.


Flight Data Monitoring

FDM can be one of the most effective tools to enhance flight safety and find efficiency gains. It is the most objective and information dense source of operational data available. FDM has improved flight safety in many operations by monitoring procedural compliance (FOQA: Flight Operations Quality Assurance), highlighting potential risks and by adjusting training programs to FDM data.


Safety Management

Continuously improving safety is a dogma embedded into the aviation industry. Still, running an effective safety management system can be challenging in a fast pace operation where safety and operational aspects a continuously in tension with each other.

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Fuel Efficiency Optimisation and Monitoring

For air operators fuel is most often the largest chunk in the cost structure. Relatively small savings in fuel burn can add up to large nominal amounts. The benefits of running a fuel conservation program will quickly surpass the relatively small investment.


Process Optimisation

How many processes are still done by manual labour in your organization? Automation is not a new concept, but the available technology to automate processes has increased exponentially. With the availability of mobile devices and the cost of connectivity negligible, digitizing processes is becoming easier and cheaper.


Studies and Business Cases

Is there a question about the viability of an operational change, about what is causing operational issues or about how much something costs the organisation? We support you in analyzing data and answering the questions.


Project Management

Implementing or transitioning to a new technology, process or department requires a peak in resources to drive the change. Additionally, effective change or implementation requires good project management to avoid cost and time overruns.


Data support for business turnarounds

When facing the task of giving a new direction to a business, it is key to have objective information on which to base the strategic and tactical decisions. During such turbulent times it can be difficult to find a ground truth in the multitude of opinions. Having good data as an objective source of information can bring great value in providing a solid basis for decision making.