Fuel Efficiency Optimisation and Monitoring

For air operators fuel is most often the largest chunk of the cost structure. Relatively small savings in fuel burn can add up to large nominal amounts. The benefits of running a fuel conservation program will quickly surpass the relatively small investment. We provide services to help you set up and manage your fuel conservation program as well as analysis services to provide insight in where fuel consumption can be reduced.

Set up of effective Fuel Management

Fuel conservation is achieved with the addition of many small initiatives in all areas of the company. It is imperative that the program is set up with a solid management system for review of the feasibility of the long list of possible initiatives. Additionally, since the program spans across the many different departments requires a clear organisation of responsibilities and the engagement of every employee in the operation. We assist in setting up the fuel management system in your organisation until the program is ready to continue running itself independently.

Fuel and cost efficiency analysis

Even if fuel conservation program is set up and operational in an organisation, finding potential savings and performing the cost benefit analysis tailored to your specific operation may require expertise that goes beyond the knowledge present in the company. For instance, finding where accurate flight planning can reduce fuel burn or performing study on the viability of retrofitting winglets on part of the fleet requires extensive analyses. Using the data present in your operation, we perform analyses to support the fuel savings program in making the right decisions to reduce overall cost of the operation.

  • We set up an effective fuel management system for you

  • We analyse your fuel efficiency related data for potential fuel savings

  • We analyse fuel conservation initiatives on their cost-benefit