Flight Data Monitoring Services

FDM can be one of the most effective tools to enhance flight safety and find efficiency gains. It is the most objective and information dense source of operational data available. FDM has improved flight safety in many operations by monitoring procedural compliance (FOQA: Flight Operations Quality Assurance), highlighting potential risks and by adjusting training programs to FDM data. As a result, Flight Data Monitoring is not a novelty anymore; it has become an ICAO requirement since 2005 for every aircraft over 27 tons MTOW as well as a requirement for many air transportation contracts for the Oil and Gas industry. We provide services to set up and improve your Flight Data Monitoring program for both fixed wing and rotary wing operations.

FDM / FOQA Analysis Service

for Fixed wing and rotary wing

Good FDM staff is still difficult to come by. FDM staff needs to have both an analytical mind as well as practical knowledge of aviation, possess IT skills and good interpersonal skills to communicate with pilots with integrity. We provide FDM Analysis Service in partnership with Truth Data Insights.

Together with Truth Data we provide the highest level FDM analysis service. We understand your operation is unique with its own specific challenges. We offer a fully customized service where we tailor the FDM event sets and analytics to serve your needs in both compliance as well as effectively managing safety.


We help you set up a compliant and effective FDM program

Setting up an FDM program from the ground up can be a comprehensive project. We can assist in setting up the many building blocks of your FDM program:

  • Develop procedures for capturing and managing flight data

  • Selecting appropriate FDM hardware and software

  • Configuring the FDM software to match the operation

  • Setting up procedures for FDM analysis and follow-up actions

  • Setting up procedures for crew feedback under the confidentiality agreement with flight crew

  • Creating the link between FDM and the SMS for effective safety improvements

  • Creating the monthly/quarterly/yearly FDM report

  • Providing analytics dashboards

  • Performing studies into safety issues or efficiency business cases

We help you configure and improve the FDM system

FDM systems contain algorithms that flag events to highlight exceedances in the flight operation. The event set is not only a flag for when crew requires feedback about their flight, but also a valuable source for statistics that reflect the safety issues in the operation. It is therefore crucial that the event algorithms and limits are set up such that they reflect unusual or undesired occurrences in the operation. BravoAnalytics can assist in creating and customizing an event set specific for your operation.

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HFDM Expertise

Rotary wing operations are a special beast on their own. The variation of mission profiles is significantly higher making it both a higher risk type of operation as well as one that is more difficult to describe in terms of standards. With years of experience in Rotary Wing operations in Oil and Gas (both On- and Offshore, HEMS, SAR and VIP) we have developed a set of event algorithms and limits as well as advanced ways to effectively monitor safety. Additionally, we have years of experience in setting up HFDM programs that are compliant with the requirements of the leading Oil and Gas companies. We have worked with their aviation advisers and auditors to set up and improve HFDM programs, so they are not only compliant but also effective in monitoring and improving operational safety.

Using FDM to further improve operations

FDM is not just effective in enhancing safety. It is also a highly valuable dataset to improve other areas of the operation. We can also help create new dataset that provides the information needed to make strategic decisions, not only for safety improvements but also for monitoring fuel efficiency or improving flight planning. Examples are: creating headwind databases for different routes, monitor Single Engine Taxi events or inputs for Airplane Performance Monitoring (fuel flow factors).

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Flight Data Monitoring Services:

  • We provide FDM analysis services in partnership with Truth Data Insights

  • We set up a compliant and effective FDM system for you

  • We configure and improve your FDM system

  • We improve your operation: fuel management, maintenance, logistics and planning